Vision, Mission & Value

  1. Vision
  2. Be the ultimate strategic partner, providing human capital solutions for companies, and job and career solutions for employees.

  3. Mission
    • Deliver optimal solutions to our business partners by supplying skilled and capable talent tailored to their specific needs and requirements.
    • Enhance the competency of Indonesian Human Resources, enabling their competitiveness domestically and globally.
    • Strategically design and oversee the career paths of our members to consistently elevate their careers to new heights.
  4. Values
  5. I-Care

    • Innovation
    • Innovation is our cornerstone for continually enriching our partners with new ideas and solutions that drive value add creation.

    • Care
    • Care is our main investment, nurturing relationships, and always present as a solution contributor to our partners when needed.

    • Respect
    • We respecting mankind, valuing ideas, and honoring our partners' rights form the solid foundation of trust, collaboration, and appreciation in every interaction.

    • Ethics
    • We always act guided by high ethical standards, ensuring integrity and fairness, and fostering a culture of trust to satisfy all of our partners in all endeavors.